Welcome to Cricket Needle Arts!

At Cricket Needle Arts our goal is to provide the finest quality needlework supplies to stitchers. Having been a stitcher for many years, I have travelled many places seeking needlework materials. One of the most frustrating aspects of that quest is being unable to find all of the materials to complete a project in one place. So our primary goal is not to carry every chart, but to carry every material needed to complete a project for the charts we do have in stock.

Our secondary goal is to fill the needs of the stitchers, like myself, who live away from the traditional shops. There are many of us who know the materials we need, but don't have a shop nearby. In this way we hope to bring the shop to you.

At this time we are in the process of ordering our stock. We will add products to the website as they arrive. If you would like to place a special order in this phase of the business, please e-mail us and we will call you or e-mail as soon as possible. For security reasons, please never include your credit card numbers in any e-mail transmission.

I look forward to being able to serve you with your needlework needs.

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